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Origin of Mouthwash 02.09.2019
 Origin of Mouthwash Article

Practical: To inform the audience about the foundation of mouthwash. Specific Goal: To elucidate to the viewers the development of the practice of employing mouth wash and the elements used to make it.


I. The debate upon what to select

a. Time frame and issue with designed family trip b. The choice made – morning care

II. Cave man example


My spouse and i. Ancient societies use of mouth rinse

A. Ancient Egyptians cave drawings [1500-1300 B. C. ] (Shannon T. Pace, 2006) B. A large number of cultures designed mouthwash in to religious ceremonies (Nuntus, 2002) C. Breathe Fresheners [1000 W. C. ]

my spouse and i. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans chew in eucalypti's, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla veggie (Moore) ii. 500 W. C. advancements

1 . Oriental and mentioned before societies chewed on charcoal powder (later with mint leaves added) 2 . Greeks used donkey milk

iii. Other elements used include: rabbit & mice heads, lizard lean meats, and earth shells G. Introduction of " ammonia”

4. Romans found out cleaning homes of " hartshorn” (Moore) 3. Hartshorn: a derivative from antlers and feet of the reddish colored deer. some. When ground and added into cleaning solution, demonstrated many freezing mixture type qualities v. This might have led to the most interesting and perhaps traditionally used ingredient – human urine 5. The Romans particularly liked Costa da prata Urine (Nuntus, 2002) 6. Naturally substantial acidity of Portuguese urine thought to be more powerful and could endure long vacation to Rome and Italy (Moore)

II. Crucial evolutions to modern mouth rinse (Moore)

Elizabeth. Anthony truck Leeuwenhoek

ni. Discovered bacteria in the 1670's

vii. Attempted different strategies of controlling bacterias in the mouth without success F. British physician, Frederick Lister, M. D.

viii. Performed the first medical procedures in...

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My spouse and i felt it was the best design to choose to exhibit the evolution of the product.

Topic Significance

I chose a great origin presentation over a tips on how to because of the easy adapting the speech towards the time frame and location. I particularly chose this topic to be random. We felt it was a good probability the other students may not choose a random topic because this and perhaps you while the instructor will not have had this kind of subject previous. It is relevant because although trivial, it can be educational. Second of all, it may merely save a relationship; who have knows. Critically, most head to school to be able to advance in their chosen areas; bad breath could be detrimental to this kind of endeavor.

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