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 Philippine Society Research Paper



A. The Social Mother nature of Guy

 Person is " social by nature”: this individual relates himself to additional men together with the same naturalness as a fish takes to water

� Man can be entirely influenced by others for everything

 Aristotle explained, " just about every man feels naturally like a friend to other men. " The natural feeling of man to other men is friendliness  Being unfriendly is much like an ripe idea, not a thing spontaneous � Only when he starts thinking he may discover reasons for not being friendly. This is found throughout all civilizations

 It truly is natural and spontaneous for a man to form societies

End target of contemporary society is for the great of every man In the contemporary society (common good). It is for every man, not just for the majority

N. Natural Societies

Those that arise spontaneously without the new tendency of the am i going to. Family

II. Civil Contemporary society

� Most basic and required societies to get human activity and development C. Man and History

 History (Greek word that means chronicle) � happenings inside the life of man  History is a specific man phenomenon streaming from the rationality of man. " Record is the teacher of life”

I. History of a person

� A biography which may be related to a history of human beings as a whole � Although the physique of gentleman decays, a persons soul can be spiritual and can be cultivated

2. Social Background

� Lifestyle of communities, nations, countries, or specific human activities � Benefits of the sociable nature of man: arise from the reality some folks have to add up to reach a particular end, and in pursuit of that end a collective record has increased  Cause of history: persons with their free of charge activity, which in turn results to: � Progress – when person invents something which will improve culture or medicine � Custom – when ever man transmits such to all or any future decades  Background does not display a constant routine of improvement or decline, however freedom of guy is always involved

D. Human being Work

Function is flowing from human nature � a person action which consists in producing some thing. Example: providing perfection into a being which usually it did not have ahead of Agere (" activity comes from this verb”) � the moral inference of human being work: their motivation regarding the last end

Facere � actual making; the production

Function perfects the object plus the subject or perhaps agent as in both equally cases there is an actualization of potentiality

� The perfection coming from facere is merely relative efficiency.

� Sign up for facere and agere to achieve absolute flawlessness

E. Sanctification of Work

Function sanctifies person: � to sanctify work, be sanctified by function, and sanctify other through work

It is done intended for God

Should be done with technological perfection

Human work � flows coming from human brains and will, in order that man imprints his own stamp on the things outside the house himself, and so brings these people up to his own level. In this sense, he spiritualizes them. Farreneheit. Participation in the Divine Action

Man does not " create” the good of people things, but rather helps these to reach all their good, according to the principle of subsidiary

My spouse and i. Man might know inside the material universe the truth that leads to the creator II. Gentleman may do something about the material universe with his intelligence and will and so feeding himself. Only if he uses his spiritual power can he dominate characteristics III. Man may govern part of creation, thus being the agent of divine providence � These spotlight the greatness of guy and the pride of the man person


Filipino worldview

 You cannot find any full interest on mans idea of the earth around him. Most articles or blog posts are regarding folk disciplines, folk music, cuisine tv and the airwaves dramas.

 To understand the rationale of Filipino behavior. (i. e. how we perceive each of our surrounding world, what our planet means, the way you respond or perhaps adapt to this, how do these kinds of concepts and meanings with the universe impact Filipino way of life? )

The idea of worldview

Worldview- the way people characteristically look after the universe **The approach...

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