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How performed you find the creativity physical exercises? And the brainstorming for ideas for the get together? Did your group possess a good idea to get the get together? Did the group interact in a different way inside the creative lessons?

In my opinion, the creativity exercises was thrilling and allowed me to think within a total distinct way. Even though I could hardly answer your concerns, I was nonetheless happy with this. We brainstormed about the variable costs. It was hard to classify two kinds of price. We gave out a few activities to get the part of get potential profit. All members of group did creative periods individually, so the group did not interact in several way during these sessions.

Week 4 pod 2

How did you will find the crucial thinking exercises? Are you utilized to this way of thinking or is this some thing to work on? How would your group do on the financial physical exercise? How would you do? If this sounds a strong place for you, were you capable to help other folks I yours group? Should you be weak in this area how are you likely to work on this?

The critical thinking physical exercises were just like the creativity physical exercises, made me observe things in more possitive side. I have never thought this way before yet from now on, Let me use it like a good way to fix problems. I didn't seriously understand the monetary so I couldn't do very much. It isn't my personal strong region, however , if I could take a step to help others in my group I will be willing to. I will do that exercise once again to remember and understand deeper. And I expect next time, the result will be much better than this time

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