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Sample Letters of


A. To get an excellent scholar whom you know well

January 17, 2007

It is a accurate pleasure to write this kind of letter of recommendation for Sandra Garcia, who was my pupil in Sociology 115, " Introduction to Sociology, ” in the cold weather term of 2006. Sandra is, without question, one of the 4 or 5 most excellent students I have taught at Big State University in six semesters of teaching. Sandra is a careful and imaginative thinker with an eyesight for particulars and a devotion to logic, which usually serves her well in the sciences and outside these people. She has the terrific capacity to draw on her own knowledge and findings to develop innovative opinions on the variety of problems. Sandra already knew the girl wanted to key in biology when she took my own course, nevertheless this would not diminish her intellectual fascination with the matters we covered in preliminary sociology. Her regular input to full-class discussions offered insight equally for her peers and for myself as a trainer.

Sandra was also priceless in small-group interaction with her peers. Without my asking, the lady took within the responsibility of helping her classmates combine vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas, and she quickly became research group head. In addition , Sandra was extremely generous with her some energies. I recall her getting together with individually having a student from Thailand a couple of times before the last exam to assist him master all the material in a foreign tongue. Sandra breaks the " scientist” stereotype with her publishing: she was the best writer in the two sections I actually taught that semester. And what was perhaps even more outstanding was that the lady took the work of bettering her publishing as or more seriously than any other scholar in the category. One of her essays was later published in the annual magazine of the finest undergraduate documents written in sociology.



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Sandra isn't only an excellent scholar, but...

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