Director Barack Obama's speech for the 50th birthday of the March on Washington

 President Barack Obama’s speech on the 50th anniversary with the March about Washington Dissertation

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Director Barack Obama's speech for the 50th anniversary of the Mar on Buenos aires President Barack Hussein Obama is the forty fourth and current President of the United States, and the first African American to hold this office. President Obama gave a presentation following remarks at the " Let Freedom Ring” wedding to memorialize the 50th anniversary from the March on Washington in August twenty-eight, 2013, in the Lincoln Funeral. President Obama gave this speech to remind Unites states of how much we have arrive, to remember individuals who fought so people of different racial qualification can have right to liberty. President Obama states, " And so they came up by the thousands, from every corner of your country -- men and women, people, blacks who also longed to get freedom and whites who also could no longer accept flexibility for themselves although witnessing the subjugation of others” (25). President Obama's speech on the 50th wedding anniversary of the March on Washington was a reminder of the great African-Americans in america and the alter that came afterwards. President Obama establish prevalent ground with the audience on the 50th anniversary of the Mar on Buenos aires by declaring that " We appropriately and best remember Dr . King's soaring oratory that day, just how he provided mighty voice to the calm hopes of millions, just how he offered a solution path to get oppressed and oppressors alike”(40). It was because of Dr . Matn Luther King and other fearless people that march to Washington that the 50th anniversary from the March in Washington was begin kept. President Obama speech was obviously a success as they was able to relate to the audience. This individual quoted that, " Doctor King described that the goals of African-Americans were the same to employees of all races: decent wages, fair doing work conditions, livable housing, old-age security, into the welfare actions conditions in which families may grow, have got education for their children and respect inside the...

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