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Prison Environment 06.09.2019
 Prison Environment Essay

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Effects of prison environment in Male inmates

There are different kinds of impacts of prison environment male inmates. It generally depends on the psychological and social background of male inmates.

Man inmates will be brought in prison with a several criminal background including murder offender, theft, robbery and some different serious criminal offenses. Male inmates experience a severe emotional and emotional impact simply because of incarceration and bordered environment of prison. The pairs of people in jail are also affected in the lovemaking aspect, and generally are not qualified to face and strong thoughts of isolation and loss in the various other, in addition to feelings of helplessness.

It was also available that a lot of issues in making a great adjustment to loss and separation can cause serious problems with depression and other mental medical problems in the male inmates.

The overcrowding of inmates in prisons is a condition that may affect the maintenance of links with families, since this may involve a high visitor flow, which means admissions procedures are very delayed and uneasy, often achieving families desist from transporting visits to small children, elderly people, disabled or medical complications, or even virtually any household member go to visit (Atlas, 1984).

Moreover, as a result of reason of bound environment of jail male inmates often make groups plus they start preventing with each other. This case further aggravates the penitentiary environment which kind of circumstance creates a large amount of unwanted influences to various other prisons which can be not directly involved with these activities. Resultantly, men inmates often experience severe injuries.

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