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A Case pertaining to Postponement

" This time of year is too exciting/or us. I have a warehouse/nil of jerseys in existence and retailers are Shouting for the teams and players I don't have! Annually, it seems like we have the right blend inventory entering the season, then some team that no person expected to flourish gets away to a 4-0 start, and the team everyone expected to deal for the Super Dish is dropping games. All of a sudden I have a large number of jerseys 1 can't sell off and countless orders We can't fill. "

Tony is responsible for the inventory of NFL imitation jerseys that Reebok maintains in their central distribution middle. It is early October, as well as the NFL time of year is well underway. " No wonder we call this the pursuit; I feel just like I have been jogging for months; I am just exhausted. I wish there was a way to strategy inventory that would allow me to behave faster to hot players and clubs. But with player demand changing so much via year to year, I truly can't increase inventory; the truth is I like to reduce inventory for year-end. "


Reebok International Ltd. is headquartered in Canton, Mass. The business employs approximately 7, 400 people, and is also widely known because of their sports clothing and footwear brands. Reebok was a tiny British sneaker company more than three decades ago, when Paul Fireman acquired the distinctive North American license to sell Reebok shoes. 5 In 85 Reebok USA acquired the first British Reebok, and Reebok International gone public. Reebok in the year 2003 had total revenues of $3485 M and recognized income by operations of $157 Meters. Paul Fireman continues to be the chairman and CEO.

In December 2000 Reebok agreed upon a 10-year contract with the National Football League (NFL) that granted an exclusive certificate to Reebok to production, market, promote NFL certified merchandise including on-field outfits, sideline clothing, practice clothes, footwear, and an NFL-branded apparel range. The National Football League is the premier professional league for American football, composed of 32 clubs. Teams will be organized in two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) as well as the National Basketball Conference (NFC), and in several divisions inside each seminar.

The history of American football footprints back to 1869. 5 The Arizona Cardinals are the most ancient continuing operation in pro football, internet dating back to 1899. In the year 2003, the Super Bowl involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as the Oakland Raiders received over 139M viewers, so that it is the most viewed television program in history. From its humble origins, the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE has grown to a very powerful league.

Source: Copyright 2006, John C. W. Parsons. This case was prepared by David C. T. Parsons beneath the direction of Professor Sophie C. Penible as the foundation for class discussion rather than to illustrate possibly effective or perhaps ineffective handling of an administrative situation. The situation is based on the author's MLog thesis, " Using a Newsvendor Model intended for Demand Organizing of NFL Replica Jerseys" supervised simply by Professor Sophie C. Fatal, June 2004.


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The Licensed Clothes Business is a high perimeter and rewarding business. In granting an exclusive license to Reebok, the NFL expects Reebok to get a very high degree of service to its customers, the sports suppliers who ultimately sell towards the public. Yet , demand can be influenced by many people uncontrollable factors and is extremely hard to foresee; forecasting which items promote is akin to forecasting that will be the Most Valuable Person in following year's Super Bowl.

Reebok has a good delivering top quality products. One retailer declares, " The Reebok series is great. We are going to excited and anxious concurrently. [In the past] the worry was that one team jersey could be identified from five different manufacturers at five different shops in the shopping center. Now the [question] is definitely, will the consumer have to pay an extra $20 to get a team...

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