John Apporte and "The Bait”

 John Donne and The Bait Dissertation

John Donne and " The Bait”

John Donne was born in 1572 into a Roman Catholic family. For some of his life having been an incomer, a Catholic in Protestant England. But, after touring abroad and studying theology, Donne transformed into the English language church. During that time, a few of his poetry display his interest in and critiques of English world, as well as his quest for true religion. In 1596-97, Apporte joins a military trip against Catholic Spain, which usually inspired him to write two poems regarding life in sea. When he returned from the expedition, Steve was designated secretary of Sir Thomas Egerton, Master Keeper with the Great Seal off. Donne rapidly married Egerton's seventeen-year-old niece, Ann Even more, angering Egerton and getting him self fired and set in jail. John's encounters with his partner lead him to write poems about losing their children. Through trying to re-establish, reintroduce, reimpose, re-enforce, reconstitute himself together with noblemen, Donne wrote many poems intended for friends and patrons. Ruben then was convinced by simply King James to become a chef, which likewise inspired him to write many poems about God and mortality. Actually in his last few days, Apporte was dedicated to the performs of The almighty, preaching just two days just before his death. Donne was very different and changing throughout the years, composing poetry of a selection of attitudes, opinions, and thoughts about love and religious beliefs. Each of the situations in his your life and his thoughts on those incidents are reflected in his materials. His poems are very diverse from one would expect, but they manage to portray him as a person and entail each of his thoughts and profound thoughts.

In his poem " The Bait, ” Donne uses many metaphors and symbolisms. The composition beings while using speaker showing his want to come with him. He then adopts a description of the river landscape with seafood that are attracted to this girl. The fish are metaphors for the various men that fall food to this women's natural beauty and essence. Together with the fish pursuing the woman without the need of bait, it seems as...

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