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This phase presents the backdrop of the examine. It also declares here the objectives, value and scope and delimitations of the study.

Background with the Study

The modern Tulana Waterworks Association began as a business of the residence and councilors of Brgy. Tugtug in the Municipality of San Jose Batangas. During those times, water was expensive plus the distributing system of it was quite difficult. But its president, Mr. Ernesto Patron, came up with the idea of having an association that can help in organizing the water releasing system as well as its hygiene.

Every waterworks association's quest is to make a safe, expending satisfying service to its clients by bettering facilities and equipment and adopting system for ease and productivity. Additionally , the association provides emphasis on the use of available resources like staff members, machine, cash and methods that will give them better output.

New Tulana Waterworks Association offers safe and clean normal water for the residents in the barangay. As technology advances, such program must be involved in this development. The manual process of having to pay bills and fees in the connection is one area where the development and alterations are tremendously needed. However , when it comes to managing and monitoring bills and payment records being placed by Mr. Ernesto Consumer, manual techniques are still being utilized. They are even now using manual system; dog pen and daily news for orders and metallic cabinets to help keep clients repayment records.

The need for something to automate certain manual activities just like water billing system is reflected by the growing popularity of the barangay to its incoming clients and eventually by raising number of consumers who need much of their companies. The experts believe that the very best answer to this is certainly to improve a billing system so that it can easily reduce daily news clutter and help save time and energy when it comes to coping with billing and payment record.

Company's Current Situation

At present, New Tulana Waterworks Affiliation does not have a correct electronic and automated program to monitor the payment and payment records of their customers. They will still make use of the paper-based manual system to record and monitor the billing history of a customer.

Declaration of the Difficulty

The study was designed primarily to produce a digital water payment system of Fresh Tulana Waterworks Association to exchange the existing manual system. Particularly, it sought answers for the following inquiries: 1 . Can the new program help in improving and reorganizing the invoicing and payment records of New Tulana Waterworks Association? 2 . Can the new computerized drinking water billing system provide to safeguard the payment records from the customer? a few. Can the fresh system guarantee its accuracy and efficiency in computerized drinking water billing system?

Purpose of the Study

This study aims to create a computerized water billing approach to New Tulana Waterworks Relationship. It will help the association easily provide complete information with the customer, preserve and monitor the payment records, stop deterioration and loss of invoicing records including payment records manual. This aims to decrease human mistakes and eliminate chances of misplacing records. The program will provide a user-friendly and straightforward process of holding and croping and editing customers' payment information then enlisting all of them according for their number released by the relationship. It could offer an efficient and stress-free service to the user. In the event the results turned out to be significant, affiliation authorities as well as the proponents could have a good reason to get using this program and having it implemented at the explained association. Through this system, the staff will have an improved view of billing data of the buyer. The system may help ensure the orderliness of payment records in New Tulana Waterworks Association. Because of a large number of feasible customers for each and every end from the month, this is the deal...

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