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1603 Queen At the I dead and Wayne VI of Scotland turns into king of England This united the crowns of England and Scotland for the first time. They would later be officially united to create Great Britain. 1605 James made it through an assassination attempt -- The Gunpowder Plot 14th May, 1607 Settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. This was the first long lasting English settlement in what is now the US. 1st Jan, 1610 Galileo understands rings of Saturn. This was an important breakthrough in the world of astronomy. Using the recently invented telescope, Galileo opened the way for others to search the heavens and discover even more about the universe about us. first Jan, 1611 King James Version from the Bible is published. It was the first published English language translation in the Bible. It is still very widely used worldwide. 20th Nov, 1616 Richelieu becomes The french language Minister of Foreign Affairs this had a huge effect on France. During his rule Richelieu brought up taxes, censored the press, took electricity from the hobereau, and had a network of spies. 1628 The Request of Privileges This is the second pillar of Constitutionalism, and it stated specific liberties for the topics that the california king could not infringe upon. Part of it is also shown in the Third Amendment in the US Metabolism. 1st Dec, 1665 The truly amazing Plague of London Killed almost 20% of London's population. It was the second and last time that the bubonic plague a new major break out in Europe. 1st By, 1688 The Glorious Revolution The overthrow of King Adam II of England. Likewise the 1st and only period that Great britain had joint monarchs, Bill of Orange colored and Martha II of England.

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13th Dec, 1560


22nd December, 1641 Maximilien de BГ©thune, Duke of Sully The Duke of Sully moved ideas which might be now broadly supported worldwide. He create a court in France to try embezzlement, encouraged cultivation, and certified free exportation of materials and wine beverage, which helped the French economy. He likewise...

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