Terumo Corporation: Leading Medical Equipment and Health care Management Products Manufacturer

 Terumo Corporation: Leading Medical Devices and Healthcare Supervision Products Manufacturer Essay


Terumo Corporation is known as a leading medical devices and healthcare management products producer headquartered in Japan, using a global network spanning throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. Founded with the aim of creating and producing superior thermometers, Terumo happens to be committed to adding to society simply by helping to give better health care through top quality and progressive medical technology. The objective of this essay is usually to obtain an awareness of the microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects of the company, and to discover the elements that may influence, and the financial issues that may be pertinent, to the same. With regards to this composition, and for the simplicity analysis, the company has been remedied as being Japanese people, with the related microeconomic and macroeconomic info used in the analysis getting focused primarily on Japan.


1 . T erumo Corporation: A Microeconomic Examination

1 . 1 O verview of Company

Terumo Firm, founded in 1921 by Dr . Shibasaburo Kitasato, is a company that features mainly in four groups, namely clinic products, heart & vascular, blood system and client healthcare1, the final of which was merged together with the general clinic sector in April 2012. Though the business originally treated in the design and manufacture of thermometers, it is now a working player in the manufacture and sales of medical tools, devices and products, just like pharmaceuticals, blood bags, throw-away medical products, cardiovascular products and medical monitoring systems2.

Number of Personnel

Net Sales

Corporate Inventory

Capital Inventory

18112 (Consolidated)

386. several billion yen (for FYE Mar. 2012)

First area of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code: 4543)

35. 7 billion dollars yen

Corporate and business Profile. [Online]. (URL http://www.terumo.com/about/profile.html). 2012, March thirty-one.

1 . 2 O verview of Industry & Meters arket T hare

1 ) 2 . 1 ) Overview simply by Business Portion 3

Heart & Vascular Business: Net sales to get Terumo in FY2011 (Year Ended March 31, 2012) enjoyed a rise of eleven. 1% when compared to FY10, with the final physique being one hundred sixty. 6 billion yen.

Terumo Social and Environmental Statement 2012. [Online]. (URL


Basic Hospital Organization: The Consumer Health care Business segment of Terumo was merged with the Standard Hospital Organization segment in April 2012. Net product sales of the General Hospital Organization decreased by 1 . 9% as compared to FY10, to 154. 3 billion dollars yen, due to factors including the Japanese earthquake (domestic sales) and the gratitude of the yen (international sales).

Terumo Sociable and Environmental Report 2012. [Online]. (URL



Blood Transfusion Business: Terumo's purchase of CaridianBCT from Gambro ABS in Apr 2011 aided the growth with the net product sales in this portion by hundranittiotv?. 5%, to 71. eight billion yen.

Terumo Cultural and Environmental Report 2012. [Online]. (URL


1 . 2 . 2 . Summary by G eographic T egment 4

The several main geographic segments regarded as for examination by Terumo are The japanese, Europe, the Americas, and Asia & others. When it comes to this essay, the two target segments regarded shall be Asia and Asia.

Japan: Enhance of 7. five per cent year on year in net product sales, with the number for FY11 being 190. 5 billion yen.

Terumo Corporation, 2012. Terumo Sociable and Environmental Report 2012. [Online]. (URL www.terumo.co.jp/English/about/csr/corporatedata/geographicalsegment.html)

Asia & Others: The CaridianBCT contribution to revenue, along with positive blood vessels bag revenue increased the net total to 45. 4 billion yen, which equals a twenty one. 1% every month increase.

Terumo Corporation, 2012. Terumo Cultural and Environmental Report 2012. [Online]. (URL www.terumo.co.jp/English/about/csr/corporatedata/geographicalsegment.html)...

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