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That Assignment 28.08.2019
 It Project Essay

Information Technology


Robert Gordon Univeristy

Graduate Qualification in Management Studies

Catherine Chigavazira



1 . Exec Summary

2 . Introduction

1 . New Practical Requirements

2 . Proposed Approach to System Buy

3. General Overview of Equipment Needs/Requirements

4. Operating System and Software Advantages

5. Budget

3. Implementation

4. THAT System Choices and Program Design

five. Business Benefits

1 . Network Access and Security

2 . Legal Issues

6th. Management Issues

7. Bottom line

8. Reference


Information technology has been developing rapidly during the last decade. In our ever increasingly competitive, high - tech and revenue motivated global economy, most factions of the business community are searching for opportunities to strategically reduce inherent organization and functional costs although systematically raising their success and earnings. As a result, it is essential for present business companies to implement Details Systems in their operation. A highly established Details System will help a company run its business efficiently and effectively. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that today's corporations implement the suitable Information Program for the well-being and growth of their very own respective businesses. This pitch has been prepared by Datatech Computer Systems in the context of in search of approval for the beginning of the recommended Data Management System for Dixie Catering Limited. Two alternatives are considered: acquiring a commercial system; and in one facility development of the device. Our evaluation indicates which the best option is to develop the device internally, as this option is the most cost-effective and the steering committee will have the very best control over creation process and quality. The system development and implementation costs ₤20, 000 and provides short payback period. Different firms may propose general budgets that quantity to below listed in this kind of proposal regarding equipment costs, however the products recommend is definitely the best and recommended. A lot of equipment such as servers and switches may seem overpriced in comparison to what is in the market, but each of our analysts possess thoroughly investigated operational feasibility and evaluations given by other businesses to list whatever we will serve Dixie inside the best possible approach as shown in Appendix 1 and 2 .

The plan recommended will duration a period of 2 months pertaining to successful conclusion and presumes that all negotiations and deals regarding the plan will be finished by the end of March, 2009 The new system will have ideal importance to get future growth because it could be implemented in different departments.

installment payments on your INTRODUCTION

Dixie Catering Ltd, trading as Dixie Chicken breast is a little chain of 4 restaurants, who have deliver foodstuff to a many customers in and Leeds. There are regarding 64 staff at Dixie working on the four restaurants. At present, the organization is intending to implement the Document Management System (DMS) which can be intended for handling generation, digesting, duplication as well as the storage of orders, and with organization and automation of the main procedures involved in organization. The first step in the project to install DMS in the industry Office which is responsible for: • customer companies

• researching the market and new market development

• marketing and revenue

• part management

• new technology task management

The business has been generally using a great inefficient paperback system for several years. When an purchase is to be sent the daily news has to be retrieved and there have been issues with the orders being delivered to an incorrect addresses. In addition there are sometimes holds off as the addresses need to be found.

The other difficulty has been...

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