The Category of Stainlesss steel Ball

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п»їThe Classification of Steel Ball

There are two kinds ofВ steel ball, В casting steel ballВ andВ forging steel ball. В

Spreading ballВ manufacturers mix scrap steel, scrap material and other waste metals in intermediate rate of recurrence electric stove for heat so as to completely melting. Correct quantity precious metal metal, В such as ferrochrome, ferromanganese, vanadium iron are added in shedding process. When ever temperature is above 1550В в„ѓ, powering warm metal to the steel form or mould steel ball production collection. This kind of ball is calledВ casting steel ball orВ casting grinding ball. 12. 0% or more chromium content material, carbon content between 1 . 80% and 3. twenty percent are calledВ high chrome blend casting ball. В В After quenching process, the hardness of high chromium alloyed casting ball must be more than 58 HRC andВ impact value 3. zero J/cm2, relating to nationwide standard and requirement. В

Forging metal ball producers made stainlesss steel ball through direct heating and forging way. В It doesn't require smelting process. В Compared with casting metallic ball, chrome content is a lot lower, between 0. 1% 0. 5%. Carbon content material is under 1 . 0%. surface solidity of forging steel ball canоЂ‚reach much more than 56. Hardening layer is around 15 logistik due to poor harden capability and the key hardness is usually more than 30 degrees. The harden capability is difference with the enhance of stainlesss steel ball size. Normally forging steel ball often adopts the water quenching treatment. В

The higher hardness, the better wear level of resistance and corrosion resistance ofВ steel ball. Following quenching and tempering treatment of high chrome balls, the hardness can easily reach 60 or more. Therefore the have on resistance of casting ball is installment payments on your 5 times of these of forging steel ball.


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