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‘The Crucible' Character Analysis- Abigail Williams

In the enjoy ‘The Crucible' by Arthur Miller, the author uses personas from the 17th century witch-hunts to show the corruption lurking behind McCarthyism. The play was published in 1953, a moment when McCarthyism was positively affecting and contributing to culture. The book is filled with fake accusations during 1692, in order to relate to the time period it was released. In the enjoy, the character Abigail Williams is in love with John Proctor, a wedded man, who she recently had an affair with. Abigail attempts to win Ruben over by making use of witchcraft. When she is caught by her uncle, Reverend Parris she's afraid of getting punished, thus she blames their slave, Tituba. This accusation sparks a time of fear and accusation of witches in Salem. When the witch-hunt commences, Abigail understands that your woman can use her lies to find power in Salem. The lady thinks she can use this kind of power to get rid of John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth, and that when Elizabeth is finished John will cherish her. Abigail is influenced by fear and jealousy, and her corrupt decisions lead to the downfall of Salem society.

Abigail Williams is a seventeen-year-old orphan, who have lives with her uncle, Rev. Parris. Abigail was fired via her work as a stalwart by Goody Proctor mainly because she had an affair with John Proctor. She is convinced that her affair with John Proctor is true take pleasure in and that the just thing ranking between them can be his partner. Abigail says in Act 1, " I have a thing better than hope, I think! ” (Miller 22) because the girl believes that John made a assurance to her by breaking of chastity for her, that this individual loves her. Her covet of Elizabeth leads to her making incredibly bad decisions. These decisions cause Abigail to be scared of being convicted of witchcraft, so your woman accuses others, making them scapegoats for her wrong-doings.

When Abigail and the various other girls move dancing inside the woods Abigail tries to beverage a appeal to get rid of John Proctor's wife. If they are caught dance she makes all the...

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