The Alchemist

The Goldmacher 28.08.2019
 The Alchemist Essay

Many persons know what their very own Personal Legend is and a few have ahcieved it. In the story The Alchemist a shepherd son named Santiago achieves his Personal Legend with a few help from three main characters who have teach him many important matters.

The crystal service provider is one of the personas that helped Santiago simply by encouraging him and assisting him make back his money. Another character who have helped Santiago in his trip was the English man. He helped Santiago understand many things that he did not understand before. The alchemist is a crucial character who also helped Santiago in his voyage. He made Santiago realize what would happen to Santiago if he would not follow his Personal Legend.

In The Goldmacher Santiago discovers more about his new surroundings which lead him to his own Legend. But as he discovers these things he also expands from them.

The ravenscroft merchant was one of the significant characters who also helped Santiago in his voyage to achieve his own Legend. The crystal merchant did not train Santiago much but the points he would teach him were extremely important. When Santiago first attained the crystal merchant having been told which the pyramids could take a very long time to get to and if he worked pertaining to him for any year he would not have enough money to get there. This made Santiago turn away by his Personal Star and concentrate on earning more money to go back to Spain and turn a shepherd again. When ever Santiago finally earned enough money to go back to Spain and double his flock this individual told the crystal service provider that having been leaving.

" I was proud of you, ” the crystal product owner said. " You brought a new feeling into my personal crystal store. But you realize that I'm not going to go to Mecca. Just as you know that you're not likely to buy your lamb. ”

" Who said that to you? ” asked the son, startled.

" Maktub, ” stated the old product owner and he gave the boy his blessing (Coelho, 28). The crystal product owner was one particular character whom taught Santiago a new dialect, which was Arabic....

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