The Impact of Hooliganism about Our Culture in Serbia

 The Impact of Hooliganism upon Our Contemporary society in Serbia Essay

The impacts of hooliganism about our society

Firstly, we all started discussing the topic of hooliganism throughout the world and in addition in our country. We have viewed many movies on the Net, investigated further and interviewed many persons all around the world numerous different viewpoints. Furthermore we all paid attention to the issues that hooligans make and imposed several solutions to this issue. But first coming from all we clarified questions we had primarily set by project strategy so we can understand the background information about our topic. Background information

At the beginning we needed to understand what exactly the term ‘hooliganism' means and what makes person for being one. Via all the persons we have interviewed we have observed many different explanations for the term ‘hooliganism', yet non-e of the definitions were completely accurate, and therefore we have come to a conclusion of the own: Hooliganism is malevolent, aggressive and destructive behaviour which most commonly occurs within a sports activity. Throughout our weighty researching we now have discovered that hooliganism is more likely to occur in the countries which are less developed or have major personal or economical crisis. As an almost perfect example we have chosen the United Kingdom. While they will primarily got political and juridical problems hooliganism was widespread through the whole land of the British. This was the specific situation until the 20th century when the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of the British Margaret Thatcher who enforced laws against hooliganism. Even as were additional discussed the topic we understood that hooliganism is also hugely spread across tiny countries which were once element of one big nation. During our discussion we all agreed that there are additional greater problems behind hooliganism such as unlawful criminal and drug companies. Next issue that imposes itself is the reason why these people to get hooligans. It is difficult to speculate on why is a...

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