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Home work #1--TJX 2011 Annual Record Scavenger Quest

BUSN 1101 Sustaining Organization in the New Economy


1 . Slide throughout the TJX website for

installment payments on your On the " Investor Information” menu, click the " Gross annual Reports” website link, and download (but no longer print) the TJX 2011 Annual Report. 3. Check out the publication to receive an overview of what kind of information a general public company must document. 5. Answer this questions by simply typing in to the document. Please note the web page references for each answer you will find, as they may be useful during class discussion. 5. To submit the homework, publish the file on Blackboard's Homework case.

PART one particular

Mission, Eye-sight, Corporate Beliefs

1 . Precisely what is TJX's objective statement?

More U. S. and international customers

installment payments on your What is TJX's vision intended for itself later on?

They imagine a marriage between stores plus the web and plan to use $23 billion brick-and-mortar organization and 700–person buying business to increase the customer base and add incrementally with their top and bottom lines over time. three or more. What are the values that TJX aims to incorporate mainly because it conducts its business operations? Are these kinds of consistent with their very own stated objective and perspective? To expand the restrictions of the off-price business model and take intelligent risks to offer consumers even greater value. Target Customer

some. Who is TJX's target customer? Are you TJX's target customer? A middle- to upper-middle-income shopper. No, I am not.

Benefit Proposition

a few. What are the four components of value that TJX presents its customers? Is this worth proposition prone to appeal towards the TJX focus on customer? Superb fashion, manufacturer, quality and price. Yes, they are.


Business Model

6. Exactly what does TJX promote?

It provides off-price apparel and house fashions.

several. What are TJX's key full concepts? Just how do these full concepts enable TJX to provide the 4 components of worth they...

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