Dessert Buffet Marketing Plan

 Dessert Dressoir Marketing Program Essay


ICBM 503

Promoting Management


My Hotties

(Dessert Buffet Restaurant)

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Dr . Dissatat Prasertsakul

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Desk of Contents

1 . Exec Summary3

installment payments on your Situation Analysis4

2 . 1 ) Market Demographic4

2 . 2 . Market Demands5

2 . 3. Product Life Cycle6

2 . 5. SWOT Analysis9

2 . 5. Competition and Buying Patterns10

2 . 6. Item offering13

2 . 7. Secrets to success15

2 . 8. Critical Issues15

3. Promoting Strategy16

3. 1 . Quest Statement16

several. 2 . Vision16

3. several. Slogan16

several. 4. Focus on Market16

several. 5. Product Positioning (Niche)16

3. 6th. Marketing Blend and Strategies18

3. six. Marketing Research22

4. Financial Analysis24

some. 1 Wanted Product Prices24

4. 2 . Scope and objectives of economic analysis25

5. 3. Primary aspects of monetary analysis and concept of expenditure appraisal25 4. 4. Method of investment appraisal28

4. your five. Financial evaluation under conditions of uncertainty31 4. six. Pre-Operating Expenses33

5. Implementation44

5. 1 ) Objective of Implementation Planning44

5. installment payments on your Stages of project implementation45

5. a few. Implementation scheduling47

6. Company Structure48

6th. 1 . Flower organization and management48

six. 2 . Firm design49

six. Contingency Planning51

Executive Summary

My Sweeties is a sweet and bakery bar created to locate Siam square in Bangkok town. WeВ can loosely be described as a sweet restaurant exactly where customers can also enjoy their sweets and stay around easygoing while watching their desserts being created. The environment and atmosphere from the shop, plus the dessert, is definitely our primary selling point. My Sweeties will hold true to the vision penalized a new principle with a vintage fashioned think in order to become a well liked spot for Siam Square. As the majority of people typically spend in restaurants, Siam Square is an ideal location pertaining to launching a new restaurant principle. В My personal Sweeties as well hopes to get a destination for the thousands of visitors, both community and and also the, who visit Asia every year. We all plan to manipulate our position in the center of metropolis to our greatest advantage. We start the business plan by doing several examines. We begin with scenario analysis which usually concerns about market demographic, market demand, product life circuit, SWOT examination, competitive examination and merchandise offering. This initiates our plan to study overall dessert industry pertaining to internal and external elements that would help the success from the restaurant. Demand of vaisselier offerings has increased significantly over the past few years. Additionally, it is in a growth stage and has many advantages and opportunities. My own Sweeties focuses on best quality product or service with memorable and exciting experiences. Each of our main competitor would be dressoir restaurants in hotels which will presently has 2 key competitors. The second major examination is to emphasis on marketing strategy. It needs to create mission, vision and brand element of the cafe. However , My Sweeties is designed for online marketing for dessert lovers who have enjoy number of sweets and drinks. The buffet is likewise affordable for all types of people. However , we focus on young adults who has a high purchasing power and also within our target group. The price is defined for only 189 per person. We as well apply various promotion combine strategy to appeal to customers' attentions for our new release. To be able to know general customers' would like and choices, we have carried out surveys and questionnaires to gather information of product offerings such as strawberry pie, muffins, cakes, cookies and smoothies. For economic analysis, we all use value financing for our preliminary budget because 4, 500, 000 baht. MY Sweeties cafГ© make an effort to increase expected sales 20% each year to be able to achieve our profit to increase respectively until...