Understanding Leadership

 Understanding Leadership Essay

Management Fundamentals

Period Three

Eli L Taylor


Understanding Management

As a small business operator, I got this class to help me understand the difference in leading and like a leader. This will help to people to grasp the characteristics of any leader, and which style's work best whilst interacting with workers. So far Kurt Lewin has been the best source of information on leadership styles. Expertise gained by Kurt Lewin leadership variations will not only help business owners, also vary useful for employees as well. Understanding your manager's management style, a person can anticipate foreseeable future judgment and be helpful by being prepared.

After checking out a few definitions of innovator and leading. I have come to understand that leading and being a leader are similar in manners but very different. A person could declare all autos are similar, nevertheless a Honda Mustang and Dodge Charger are very different. While you happen to be leading others, the people following have a very strong choice of pursuing or not. On the other hand an individual who is a innovator, in a way would not be known for having followers however for leading through authoritative status like a administrator or CEO ext. Thus Martin Luther King was known for leading and being followed by people, and Bill Gates was known for becoming a leader through authority by being a company owner.

When I was twenty years outdated I landed a job providing cars to get Chrysler Vehicle and Dodge. The display room floor administrator Austin Thanks was my own manager. The way in which he worked was different from other managers. He usually involves various other employees in the decision making on the floor. Some of the additional manager built decision based on their knowledge and common sense, only that they can though were reasonable. Austin texas shows the functions of a democratic leader, through involvement with employee.

Democratic command can be helpful, through management perspective is the same as the employee. This will continue to keep all of the...

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