Junk Food Industry and Obesity

 Junk Food Market and Obesity Essay

" In the U. S. obesity rates have got risen by 14% 33 years ago to 31% in 2000…according to WHO/FAO in 2001, chronic disorders resulting mainly from poor diet contributed to 60% in the 56 mil reported deaths worldwide” (Lang & Heasman 2004: 53). Both Canadian and Americans alike spend vast amounts of their money about food and a significant percentage of that money is invested in low-nutrition food such as junk food and fully processed foods. Being the cash cow that it can be, the capitalist food system has provided the opportunity intended for corporations to profit a multitude of00 junk foods (fast & processed foods containing large sugar, sodium, fat). In respect to Robert Albritton's (2009: 90) " Let Them Take in Junk, ” he states that " the consumption of fast foods is certainly not the only reason for obesity, but it really is potentially a major cause…[and] obesity can be something that we all allow to happen, and while there can be many triggers, [he] will argue that the principal cause is known as a capitalist foodstuff system that we have allowed to subject matter us. ” This essay will even more extend on that disagreement and look at that the growing trend of obesity is caused by the basic principle in the capitalist food system, which is to profit from selling junk foods without considering the health implications associated with this. Examining why consumers take in junk food in a sociological point of view, the economic incentives associated with selling junk foods in a capitalist perspective, and the health problems/consequences from the usage of fast foods will be looked into. A solution will be provided in attempts to rectify the growing pattern of overweight due to junk foods. It is vital we also look into the health ramifications as a result of the consumption of junk foods. Especially, the greatest risk being weight problems. Public health is a crucial factor in present society. Immeasureable dollars are spent on healthcare all over the world. Simultaneously, about the same sum of money is being put into a system that deters the...

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