Who was one of the most responsible for the tragic fatalities of Romeo and Juliet?

 Who was one of the most responsible for the tragic fatalities of Romeo and Juliet? Essay

Set In good Verona, Shakespeare's world-renowned enjoy " Romeo and Juliet” is a perfect example of the tragic effects of youthful love consumed by a family members feud. The " couple of star-crossed lovers” were ill-fated from the beginning not simply because of the activities of the adults in their lives, but also because of fortune. The lovers' mentors made decisions which led them down a path of tragedy, specifically Friar Lawrence, but the involvement of destiny and fortune affected the outcome also. However , ultimately it had been the absolute, wholehearted love among Romeo and Juliet and the own activities that was most responsible for their own deaths. The naivety of the Friar contributed to the final of Romeo and Juliet as he built several high-risk mistakes which were not dependable on his account. The main that was the idealistic decision to marry Romeo and Juliet in secret. This led to wide-spread misunderstandings, and other tragic events, therefore it was a key factor in the tragic fatalities. He as well decided to provide the poison to Juliet, which has been extremely dangerous because there might have been horrible side effects, but also that it led everyone to trust that your woman was useless. This resulted in even following if your woman and Romeo were alive and well, they would both have to live in magic formula away from their loved ones. The reason that Romeo ended up being thinking that Juliet was useless is because the Friar dependable someone else using a letter of big importance to give to Romeo, and it never caused it to be. The last, and the most cowardly of all of them, was the decision to run away when Juliet was in one of the most danger inside the tomb. This showed one other side to the Friar, as he had been performing everything in secret between the two fans, but this individual ended up running when his whole plan was at its most dangerous level. Because of these mistakes, the Friar manufactured a large contribution to the fatality of Romeo and Juliet. The intervention of destiny and lot of money which was interlace in the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet recently had an unfortunate effect of their untimely...

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