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BI in Facebook

What BI used in this case?

* Gain the knowledge of extracting the customers' personal preferences by using Facebook . com * When folks take photos and share responses about the campaign on the Facebook webpage, It can employ text exploration to obtain the remarks and analyze their choices. * Using web mining, such as World wide web Crawler, It may gather personal information about the individuals such as age and male or female. * Textual content mining to extract that information and use association analysis to assess the groups between their very own preferences and such personal information. 5. When people have photos and tag their friends on their Facebook pages, it will help company capable of reach and target the potential customers. By simply analyzing all the info gathered, it helps to design and implement additional effective advertisements and items as well. Cocaina Cola vs . Facebook -- The Recycling King Marketing campaign

What is the story about?

The Recycling King Campaign influenced by Skol. It applied Facebook being an online system to increase householder's awareness to get recycling plastic bottles in Israel. Coca-Cola created over twelve, 000 recycle bins spots to the Facebook or myspace system. Hundreds participated and shared the recycling experience of their good friends by examining in and uploading photos on Fb. Everyone understood how easy it was in order to the location of nearby recycle for cash bins following your campaign. Pepsi was efficiently using user-created content to produce such Viral Marketing, which is using the network effect to boost brand awareness. As the campaign marketed Corporate Social Responsibilities, a large number of people reinforced and signed up with the campaign. They offered a " like” for the campaign on the Coca-Cola's Facebook webpage, and therefore, almost all their friends and in many cases friends of friends recognized the notice immediately. Through the positive personal, the virus-like marketing distributed a good image geometrically intended for the company very quickly. It utilized far less advertisements budget than traditional promoting method, particularly for such foreign business. DRONE in YouTube

Info volume is main ingredient of Business Intelligent. The analysis is often more precise and trend to reality if the data pool area is large enough. Some business will incorporate the technic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and BI technic to achieve all their goal. 5. Companies make use of the unique key phrase to increase the usage volume level in short time frame. * The keyword's rank will be enhance dramatically in the event that someone searches the word. People can find this easily and quickly by simply searching the keyword. What BI used in this case?

* During gaining the keyword and search engine ranking, they are going to use some info extract application to research the video review, users location. * Collecting UGC correlated data pool area, they will evaluation base upon some word pattern to estimate open public interest 2. Take a simple example: if the data pool have include frequent term of " wonderful”, " Awesome movie” which means that the movie content is definitely successfully gain the public fascination and organization can set up their business strategies depending on their customer's feedback. PSY vs . YouTube

What the history about?

PSY, South Korean language rapper, is a famous singer all over the world as a result of his hit single " Gangnam Style”. Everything is definitely started by his humorous music online video is published to YouTube and its strike rate is dramatically increasing in a short time. Today he gets over 600, 1000, 000 sights and gained more than 15 million ALL OF US dollar. Just how " Gangnam Style” can easily again this sort of a high strike rate.

5. Setup his business tactics by using UGC (YouTube) & BI: Seeing that YouTube are tag centered UGC. By using tag to categorize diverse caterogy to online video or link them collectively if their tag is matched. Really easily to gathering what tag are widespread use and investigate the public interest. * For example , in the event that " Funny”, " Music”, " Korean” are frequently labeled in Gangnam style, we can estimate that many of follower or...

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